William Jackson: How to be Dope and Lit on Social Media – Be an Online Community Activist

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  1. William Jackson

    My first WordCamp in Washington D.C was an amazing experience and helped build my confidence. Previous to this I spoke at WordCamp Wilmington, Delaware n 2017.
    This was my year to start at WordCamp conferences!!


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November 11, 2017

Now that you have a WordPress site and your blogging what are you going to do with it? Deciding on what to blog on is not as complicated as it sounds. Determine what you are passionate about, think about what your excited about in your community and how you can bring about engagement and collaboration.

You have a voice that needs to be heard and using WordPress is an awesome tool to use. Creating a Brand is a promise that your content is important and an invitation to not only follow, but to be engaged, involved, contributory and active.

Bill Gates stated, “content is king,” and content runs the world. “How to be Dope and Lit on Social Media” is a way to share dynamic and diverse content that inspires and motivates: to move people to go beyond their every day lives and engage to bring change. Every person has a voice and that voice deserves to be heard using the diversity of platforms, tools and digital devices available.

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