Francesca Marano: Standalone Contributor Days: help make WordPress with your Community!

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December 10, 2017

The Italian WordPress community was dormant for years, until a bunch of people got together at WCEU Contributor Day in Seville, in 2015, and decided it was time to revive it.

After months of online chats in our Slack team, we organised an event that kick-started an avalanche of Meetups and WordCamps in Italy: a stand-alone Contributor Day.

Two years later, Italy has more than 20 active Meetups, 4 cities with WordCamps in planning, and a great numbers of Contributors across the project.

In this talk, I’ll go through the steps we took to organise it, and I will also talk about Contributor Nights, special Meetup events where we concentrate on one of the Make teams and learn how to contribute from scratch.

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