Jeanie Walker and Teri Shelton: Partnerships And Good Business

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February 19, 2018

Two are smarter than one!

We know the benefits of a good business partner, but is a partnership right for you? Learn what it takes to partner up and grow your business. We’ll walk you through best practices and tips to help you understand what it takes to forge a rich, rewarding professional partnership.

Whether you’re toying with the idea or can’t wait to get started, attend this session to get insights into how a professional partnership works and what it takes to establish one without regrets. A merger, or going into business with a partner, is exactly like walking down the aisle and getting married. You have to make sure you’re a good fit because this is a long term commitment. Are you ready to say “I do?”

Join our session as we lift the hood and show you what it really takes. Walk away with key lessons learned and advice from a local business duo that merged two years ago and hasn’t looked back!

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