Jessica Rhae, Joshua Lynch, Kimberly Gauthier, Lyndal Cairns, Steve Case: Blogging & Social Media

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February 25, 2018

This track consists of five short sessions focused on Blogging and Social Media.


Use These 5 Basic Blogging Skills to Rock Instagram

Jessica Rhae

Don’t be intimidated by Instagram. Many of the core tools used grow a successful blog also apply to this social channel. You’ll walk away from this session with 5 strategies you can use to skyrocket your success


How I Repeatedly Broke my WordPress Site – and How I Cleaned-up The Mess

Steve Case

What happens when you start building your site without considering what you want it to do? What happens when your web hosting company is part of the problem?

We’ll look at a real-life example of how to make wise choices while planning your site, what can happen when you don’t make the best choices – and how to clean up the mess, regardless of who or what caused the problems.

As our example, we’ll look at what happened when a simple site evolved into a WordPress site, and what happened while trying to get them to play well together.

This journey will be both fun and educational. No experience required!


WordPress Redirect Links: Your New Best Friend for Influencer Marketing

Lyndal Cairns

WordPress redirects are a much underused tactic in marketing campaigns. At NTEN, we gave unique addresses to partners in a marketing campaign, which allowed us to track the web traffic that came from them. That info not only helps us make better decisions about marketing partners but is also really useful to share with the partner as a win, so we can keep them engaged and more likely to keep sharing. This small piece of WordPress tech can have a huge impact.



Proper Care and Feeding of Trolls
Kimberly Gauthier
Many bloggers don’t worry about trolls. “I’m not big enough to attract a troll,” I’ve been told. If you’re thinking of that combative person who hides behind a fake name or anonymous profile, spewing insults and political rants, that’s only one of many kinds of trolls. In reality, a troll can be a family member, a friend, or a passionate person who believes they are saving the world from your lies.

Whatever troll you’ve attracted to your blog, it can be stressful and be distracting for both you and your readers. In this session, I’m going to share the steps I take to protect myself from a trouble maker.


Counting down: What not to forget when you launch your website

Joshua Lynch

You’ve completed the famous five-minute installation of WordPress, customized a theme and published some content, but now what? We’ll cover the essentials of launching a professional site with WordPress, and some helpful tools for quality control, SEO, security, webmaster tools, analytics, monitoring, and maintenance.


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