Jason Knill: Financial Forecasting: pssst the secret is working backwards

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February 27, 2018

This talk discusses actionable items to better run your business using our company’s financial forecasting model as an example — open sourcing what works.

The underlying foundation of this talk includes our ability to have been operating for the past three years without outside capital, small cash reserves, and almost no debt. This is something most plugin developers can relate to. In other words, you don’t need venture capital or 18 hour days to launch a successful plugin.

In this talk I will discuss:
– Working backwards—and what that means
– How our firm used the “free downloads metric” to monitor paid growth in year 1 of Startup
– How to plan internal “hours as dollars” against code-based (Plugin dev) assets and COG expenses
– How to use Cash Flow projections, rolling three months, to plan for product development cycle budgets
– How to conservatively project hires of employee, # 4-6 as well as future hires #7-12.
– How to budgeting marketing on a quarterly basis using sales and renewal benchmarks
– How to adjust projections (free v premium) as your business matures

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