Matías Ventura: Beyond Gutenberg

One response on “Matías Ventura: Beyond Gutenberg

  1. Sheri

    * 1:11 – “How can we bring a block-based editing experience to a really significant portion of the web without fragmenting the fabric of the content?”
    * 2:26 – Optimize for the user
    * 3:57 – Stand up for the semantic web.
    * 5:35 – explained.
    * 7:17 – The notion of a block.
    * 8:28 – Blocks intend to decrease bad shortcode experiences.
    * 9:01 – How blocks save data is very flexible.
    * 10:22 – Static and dynamic blocks.
    * 13:28 – Columns block update.
    * 15:01 – Child blocks.
    * 16:13 – Notes how child blocks is one answer to scaling the block inserter when many plugins are registering blocks.
    * 19:46 – Pasting cleans up the markup source or use the HTML block to preserve markup.
    * 20:40 – Reusable block example.
    * 28:25 – Q&A

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July 9, 2018

This talk explores the principles behind some of the original decisions behind Gutenberg. What does it mean to build around HTML and treating the user’s content as the privileged actor? How does Gutenberg work internally to power the editing experience? This talk dives on the technical side of the project and its implications for democratizing publishing.

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