Jane Tweedy: Developing a Website Brief With Small Businesses

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August 17, 2018

Small businesses make up around 97.5% of all the registered businesses in Australia.

As such, they’re a market that shouldn’t be completely ignored. They do often need more help to get a website that works for them, and that’s where this session comes into play.

Jane developed her own website brief after finding many business owners were not given or talked through a proper brief by their website designers/developers.

They were left with sites that don’t work- they don’t attract leads, and don’t convert to sales once there.

There are also common frustrations around the handover of the site (or complete lack of), and where web developers can stay involved without taking over.

In this session, Jane wants to step you through how to develop a website brief with a small business client, how to correctly manage their expectations, deliver a website so they get a great result, and both parties walk away happy.

Lessen frustration and miscommunication and earn five star reviews! Key takeaways – Key questions to ask your client to help the website connect with their clients – Clients you should probably avoid – How to reduce frustration, miscommunication and rework – Getting great reviews – Handing over the site – Retaining the client.

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