Lee Drozak: Difficult Clients or Clients Who Become Not So Ideal

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December 11, 2018

We’ve all had one, or two or more – the client from hell. Sometimes it’s because we didn’t want to say no and other times it’s because we didn’t know any better. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to weed out those who will suck up your time, micromanage a project and leave them happy, so they refer you to their friends and people in their networks.

You’ll walk away knowing…

How to vet prospects before you say yes to them
How to keep a project on track and make the client feel like a partner
How to address out of scope issues
How to provide follow-up to keep them coming back
How to know if it’s time to terminate and fire that client
Running a business is hard and having clients from hell makes it stressful. This workshop is for businesses of all size, whether your a freelancer going it alone or an agency working with a full team.

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