Jen Miller: 11 Steps to Turn Freelance Projects into Sustainable Businesses

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December 14, 2018

If you’re building WordPress websites, blogging, or marketing as a sideline hustle, you may not realize how easily you could next level your work to create a sustainable business model. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about turning your freelance projects into a full-time career. If so, you need to recognize that starting a business is not only a matter of devoting more hours to your craft. In this talk, you’ll learn an eleven step process that will help you find the right clients, create a client-focused website plan, set realistic expectations, and develop a system that will help your WordPress business succeed.

Get ready to be inspired as you learn how you can team with others in the WordPress community, as well as your clients, to create lasting relationships and recurring revenue. You’ll learn how to break free from your comfort zone, modify current habits, develop a business model that works for you, and set up an organized workflow so you can roll up your sleeves and implement your strategies.

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