Anthony Burchell and Thiago Loureiro and Mike Demo and Jacques Surveyer and Robin Macrae and Andrea Zoellner: Gutenberg Strategy Panel

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December 28, 2018

Join us for an open-ended question and answer session with a panel of our speakers and WordCamp Toronto organizers, moderated by Robin Macrae. The one topic we will discuss is adoption strategies for individuals, business and enterprises and other practical issues in the changes brought by Gutenberg.
Come and tell us whether you’re stressed, elated and/or resigned and we’ll do our best to put Gutenberg into perspective for you.

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WordCamp Toronto 2018 17


Anthony Burchell 4
Thiago Loureiro 5
Mike Demo 19
Jacques Surveyer 2
Robin Macrae 2
Andrea Zoellner 13


Gutenberg 261
Q&A 30


English 9826

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