Christie Chirinos, Joshua Strebel, Karim Marucchi, Pat Ramsey, Rian Kinney, Sherry Walling: Panel: Inspiration And Practical Takeaways And How To Start And Run Your Business.

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January 23, 2019

The final panel will be a mix of prepared questions and moderated (to control length tone and moderate quality) audience questions to turn some of the aspirational and motivational points back into tactical practical takeaways.

Attendees will be guided through how the pieces fit together while inspiring and highlighting practical takeaways where attendees gain long-term motivation, and are able to implement immediate tactical changes when they get back to their desk.

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WordCamp Miami 2018 67


Christie Chirinos 13
Joshua Strebel 8
Karim Marucchi 15
Pat Ramsey 5
Rian Kinney 6
Sherry Walling 7


Business 403


English 9696

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