Taylor Waldon: Start Your SEO Strong with 4 Key Pieces of Content

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September 15, 2019

When launching any kind of website, there are simple strategies to implement that will help start out your SEO right and make your site look more established at the same time.

This talk will cover four pieces of post content that should be published before you launch and why they are important. Your posts can be added to your website in the form of a blog, newsroom, resource center, or anything that will allow users to feel like you are adding value to their experience.

We’ll focus specifically on how the components in each of these posts work for good SEO and how to use them as a blueprint for continued good practices.

Topics will include:

Defining your target audience and developing a voice.
Selecting the right keywords.
Integrating keywords without sounding forced.
Using an SEO plugin to optimize your content.
What to do with the content once the site is launched

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