How to empower clients to use their website – and client-proof them at the same time

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September 19, 2019

Have you ever had a client insist on having admin access to their website? They own it, so they have that right…but how long did it take before they called you to fix what they broke once they logged in?

While clients who break their own sites are guaranteed revenue, those calls never come at a convenient time and are ALWAYS urgent.

So what can we do to both empower our clients and make sure their sites continue to run well?

This talk will present several ideas for ways that we can do just that, including:

Helpful plugins
How to train a client in WordPress
How to set user permissions
How to set pricing for fixing mistakes
Creating a user manual
Other tips for managing the client relationship
Attendees will leave with some good ideas and action items to better help clients help themselves…or not.

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