Taylor Waldon: Making Content Part of Company Culture

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December 19, 2019

The days of static website content are dead. Creating dynamic content should be a cornerstone of any good digital marketing strategy. The content you produce not only draws potential customers in, it shows leadership in your industry, not to mention the SEO benefits associated with it.

The need for content production goes deeper than having something to post on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter that week. It’s about strategizing with your entire team to make sure the content you produce supports your product or service and provides real value to your online audience.

In order to work with a team, you need a solid content process in place. Moreso, you need to create company culture that includes content creation.

In this talk, we will cover the following topics:
– The Importance of Regular New Content
– Setting up a Process
– Getting your Team Invested through Company Culture
– Re-Adjusting your Process to Fit your Team
– Reporting to your Team

Attendees can expect to learn the value of good content, how to create a company culture that includes content creation as a team, and setting up a process for content creation that fits your team’s workflow.

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