Thomas Kloos: SEO as part of a broader marketing mix – when it works on its own, and when it doesn’t

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April 19, 2020

For many projects SEO is hands-down the most important, and sometimes only, marketing channel. It’s incredibly powerful in driving a lot of highly relevant traffic to a website. It’s also a very elegant way of doing marketing, as with a good SEO strategy, we help our target audience by answering questions, providing valuable content and not bombarding them with unwanted advertising.
However, some topics, markets or audiences require other marketing channels as well. If there is no search volume, a very limited group of decision makers, or no awareness of the offering – be it a product or a service – we don’t get very far with a purely search-based channel such as SEO. In those cases, we have to adapt a broader strategy involving various other marketing channels.
I’ll show case studies that cover the entire spectrum – from only SEO, to hardly any SEO – and talk about the limitations of search-based campaigns. Even then, SEO can play a very important supporting role, when done right. 

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