Keanan Koppenhaver: Helping your Team Transition to Gutenberg

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June 5, 2020

With the introduction of the block editor, the WordPress ecosystem and editing experience has shifted, particularly for teams who were deeply familiar with the Classic Editor and had workflows and tooling designed around that. With editorial under pressure to continue producing content, it can be tough to put together a plan to move your site, especially if it’s a large site, over to the new editor.

In this talk, we explored the migration path to Gutenberg at a high level and some strategies for making the transition as seamless as possible. We also drilled down and got tactical, with tasks that development and editorial can work on together. These included an audit of existing components and workflow and making a plan for how these might be implemented in the new editor.

By the end, everyone had some strategies for helping their team transition to the new editor and take advantage of all Gutenberg has to offer.

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