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  • Graham Armfield: So What have the New HTML5 Elements Ever Done for Accessibility?

    Graham Armfield: So What have the New HTML5 Elements Ever Done for Accessibility?

    WordCamp Bristol 2019Speaker: Graham Armfield

    June 20, 2019 — Ten years ago the HTML5 proposition saw the light for the first time. HTML5 introduced new and extended APIs to support more interactive pages, and a whole stack of new semantic elements to delight us.

    So after a lifetime (in web terms), how extensively are these elements being supported by browsers, used by developers, and how have they impacted upon the accessibility of websites that use them?

    We’ll look at some successes, some elements where more browser or assistive technology finesse is required, and a frustrating selection where we are still a long way from being ‘match ready’.

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  • Tammie Lister: Thinking in Patterns

    Tammie Lister: Thinking in Patterns

    WordCamp Bristol 2019Speaker: Tammie Lister

    June 20, 2019 — Everything has a pattern underneath. Designs can be broken down, distilled into patterns. When you think in patterns the process can be faster, easier. I’ll show you in this talk, that whatever you label it, the concept is powerful, natural. A fragmented approach to design goes perfectly with modern development and gives you a robust workflow for the future.

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  • Sumner M Davenport : The Ease of Web Accessibility Compliance with WordPress

    Sumner M Davenport : The Ease of Web Accessibility Compliance with WordPress

    WordCamp Santa Clarita 2019Speaker: Sumner M Davenport

    June 20, 2019 — Web Accessibility gives your clients and their clients full and equal enjoyment of their website for gaining information and purchasing products and services.

    With the increased media attention on websites that are not compliant with Web Accessibility, and the opportunistic trolls that target small business, it is important for Web designers and developers to understand the WHO should comply, WHAT is and WHY of Web Accessibility, WHEN should you start with Accessibility plus HOW to talk to your clients about Accessibility and the VALUE it adds to your services and reputation.

    In this presentation, Sumner M Davenport will cover:

    – What difference does it make to be/not be Accessible;
    – Recent cases in the news;
    – Troll activity against small businesses and how to protect yourself from being a target;
    – Ease of adding code, and/or use of Plugins;
    – Testing tools; and
    – Value added to your Web Design business

  • Amit Ojha: Building your Subscription Commerce Business on WooCommerce
  • Joseph Dickson: Upgrading Kubrick for Gutenberg

    Joseph Dickson: Upgrading Kubrick for Gutenberg

    WordCamp Santa Clarita 2019Speaker: Joseph Dickson

    June 20, 2019 — Unsurprisingly, last December’s release of WordPress 5.0 made us nervous. Today, some of our themes are in need of extensive upgrades.

    While reviewing the oldest of such designs, 2005’s classic default theme Kubrick. We’ll rediscover why it is important to WordPress’ past and discuss new opportunities. In this session, Kubrick’s design will be applied to blocks allowing users to anticipate exactly what to expect before they hit publish.

    If we can modernize Kubrick for Gutenberg in 2019, we can do anything.

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  • Jon Gilbert: Best Practices for Payments Services

    Jon Gilbert: Best Practices for Payments Services

    WordCamp Santa Clarita 2019Speaker: Jon Gilbert

    June 20, 2019 — Jon is a payments expert and has spent the last ten years helping web hosts, software companies and developers earn recurring revenue by bundling payment processing with their core product offering as a value-added-service.

    Jon attended 11 WordCamps last year and is passionate about empowering the community by educating store owners and store builders on how to lower costs through interchange optimization and increase security through best practices.

    When he is not snuggling with his cats and cooking with his wife he loves to travel and enjoys seeking adventure in the places he visits through watching live music, rock climbing, trail running, hiking and surfing.

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  • Matt Kopala: Stop Guessing: Diagnosing & Fixing WordPress Performance Problems

    Matt Kopala: Stop Guessing: Diagnosing & Fixing WordPress Performance Problems

    WordCamp Santa Clarita 2019Speaker: Matt Kopala

    June 20, 2019 — April 5, 2019, 2:30 pm WordCamp Santa Clarita 2019, Vasquez Rocks Room, University Center, College of the Canyons — Speed matters. People are impatient. If your website or a client’s website doesn’t load quickly – within a just a couple of seconds – many visitors will abandon it completely. A slow site means lost time & revenue. But figuring out how to speed up a slow site can be HARD. Everyone’s got a suggestion and an idea for how to fix your performance issues, but most are just guesses, and not based on real data. STOP GUESSING. If you have a performance issue, or just want a faster site, you need to KNOW exactly what is slowing things down, and how to fix it. Matt Kopala’s talk will show you how.

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  • Jason Orellana: Page Builder Magic

    Jason Orellana: Page Builder Magic

    WordCamp Santa Clarita 2019Speaker: Jason Orellana

    June 20, 2019 — April 5, 2019, 9 am, University Center, College of the Canyons — With the new Gutenberg editor, WordPress has created a new format with blocks that do a lot of what page builders have traditionally offered. So why would anyone still want to use a page builder? Jason will talk about:
    – The biggest difference between Elementor and Gutenberg and why I use Elementor for the foreseeable future;
    – The advantages and disadvantages of using my favorite page builder – Elementor (free version). Other page builders are similar;
    – How Elementor works with themes and which one should be used;
    – Using free plugins to extend Elementor;
    – A quick overview of how to use Elementor; and
    – Build a quick example of a home page

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  • Bill Weissbard: Playing with Child Themes

    Bill Weissbard: Playing with Child Themes

    WordCamp Santa Clarita 2019Speaker: Bill Weissbard

    June 20, 2019 — April 5, 2019, 10 am Vasquez Rocks Room, University Center, College of the Canyons — Playing with Child Themes is an entertaining introduction to child themes, showing their usefulness and importance for beginner developers and designers.

    Learn the why and how of child themes. Bill Weissbard will show you how to make a simple child theme and how to switch between different versions of a child theme to easily compare styling.

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  • Michelle Barker: Building Intelligent Layouts

    Michelle Barker: Building Intelligent Layouts

    WordCamp Bristol 2019Speaker: Michelle Barker

    June 19, 2019 — The CSS Grid Layout Module Level 1 (CSS Grid) has given developers the tools to build complex layouts with relatively little code. It affords us complete control over layout behaviour and positioning of items in two dimensions. At the same time, it has given us many more CSS properties to learn and understand, which can be overwhelming. How do you figure out the best way to build a layout when faced with so much choice?

    In this talk, Michelle will demystify some of the new terminology, properties, and functions that have arrived with CSS Grid. We’ll bust some common myths and look at how we can harness these new tools to build robust layouts, even with dynamic content. We’ll take an in-depth look at a real-world example of a complex layout, and in the process learn about the superpowers that Grid provides us with.

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