Speakers: Courtney Patubo Kranzke

  • The creative side of blocks, volume 4

    Speakers: Courtney Patubo Kranzke, Mel Choyce

    May 30, 2023 — Join us for a look behind some of Mel Choyce-Dwan’s block art and perhaps you’ll be inspired to create your own!

    In this session, we introduce you to the Museum of Block Art (MOBA), where Mel and other block artists showcase their creations. Mel then demonstrates some of her block art creations. We also walk you through how to contribute your own creations to the MOBA!

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  • Five for the Future: How to succeed by making ongoing contributions to WordPress

    Speakers: Courtney Patubo Kranzke, Hari Shanker

    May 1, 2023 — Five for the Future is the official contribution program of WordPress which encourages individuals and companies to pledge up to 5% of their time to give back to building WordPress. As WordPress scales up, this program will play a major role in helping WordPress grow with the times, and in taking our favorite open-source software to the next level.

    We give an introduction to Five for the Future, and provide some practical tips and guidance for organizations and individuals on how they can make the most out of the contributor program.

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  • A Guide to Open Source and WordPress

    Speaker: Courtney Patubo Kranzke

    April 12, 2023 — You may have heard the term “Open Source” mentioned when talking about WordPress and other software, but what does it mean? In this session, we talk about:
    * The principles of open source and free software
    * What the GPL software license is
    * Why WordPress is an Open Source project, and how this is important

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  • Best design practices to create engagement

    Speakers: Lee Levy, Courtney Patubo Kranzke

    March 16, 2023 — Learn how to make simple website improvements to get clients to stay and interact. Topics include keyword/image ratios, navigation, WordPress plugins, website performance, keeping content interesting, the value of simplicity, use of color, and call-to-action.

    Accessibility note: The slides in this presentation include animations and color contrast that may affect some viewers.

  • Designers & developers: Cats & dogs living in harmony

    Speakers: Kirsten Starcher, Courtney Patubo Kranzke

    March 14, 2023 — Web designers and developers are each specialists with their own priorities, needs, and focus. Sometimes there can be a communication gap between the two, leading to misunderstandings and frustration. How can you learn to speak each other’s language and ensure your projects run smoothly and without hassles?

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  • Intro to WordPress accessible color

    Speakers: Joe A Simpson Jr., Courtney Patubo Kranzke

    March 9, 2023 — Color is often a barrier to making your websites open and accessible to everyone, but it is an easy way to make strides that make a difference.

    In this session, we see examples of assumptions designers and developers make and how to test, correct them, and what best practices and tools are available to add to your toolset.

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  • WordPress as a Paintbrush: Internet Art Then and Now

    Speakers: Courtney Patubo Kranzke, Rachel Winchester

    March 1, 2023 — Learn more about the history of Internet Art and the influence of WordPress on the Internet Art movement.

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  • What is Learn WordPress?

    Speaker: Courtney Patubo Kranzke

    February 15, 2023 — WordPress.org’s Learn WordPress platform is a comprehensive resource for users looking to learn more about the WordPress content management system and its various features and functions. The platform offers a variety of resources which are designed to help people learn to use, extend, and contribute to WordPress through synchronous and asynchronous learning.

    In this workshop, we discuss:
    * An overview of the Learn WordPress platform
    * Content Types on Learn WordPress
    * Sharing Learn WordPress
    * How to Contribute to Learn WordPress

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  • The Wide World of WordPress Events (2023)

    Speakers: Courtney Patubo Kranzke, Naoko Takano, Devin Maeztri

    January 13, 2023 — WordCamp Asia is coming up soon, so the excitement for WordPress events is high! Let’s talk about the different types of WordPress events, and what to expect at them! In this session, we’ll be discussing:

    • Different types of WordPress events
    • What to expect at these events
    • How you can get involved

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  • Getting started with a WordPress.org account

    Speaker: Courtney Patubo Kranzke

    December 20, 2022 — Having an account on WordPress.org is useful for many different reasons! With a WordPress.org account you can:
    • Post on the WordPress support forums
    • Rate and review themes and plugins
    • Join the Making WordPress Slack
    • Track your activity and contributions to the WordPress Open Source project

    In this workshop, we:
    • Tour the different parts of a WordPress.org profile
    • Demonstrate how to create an account on WordPress.org
    • Help interested folks to create their own account

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