Speakers: Vassilena Valchanova

  • Vassilena Valchanova: The brand of You

    WordCamp Nederland 2022Speaker: Vassilena Valchanova

    November 17, 2022 — Branding is often associated with high-price consultants, reduced to logos and color schemes, or considered a gimmick. But if you’re a freelance professional, a business owner, or you’re working in a small team, you have to work on your personal brand. Where to start? This presentation will be a better place than most.

    Over the span of 30 minutes, I will give you an actionable blueprint for your branding strategy. The basis here won’t be The Big Marketing Bucks (TM), but authenticity and professionalism. You will walk away ready to:
    – define your strengths,
    – find the channels that suit you,
    – build your value proposition by balancing the personal and the professional.

  • Vassilena Valchanova: Building data-driven content personas

    WordCamp Europe 2022Speaker: Vassilena Valchanova

    July 1, 2022 — It’d be great if there was a reader sitting next to you every time you wrote a blog post.

    Creating a robust content persona gets you as close as possible. If done right, it can be a powerful tool that improves the fit between your audience and your content. But if done wrong, it’s completely useless.

    In this talk, you’ll see the data you need, the questions to ask, and the research methods to use if you want to create true-to-life content personas.

    Vassy will also share a template you can use to summarize all your knowledge and bring the audience into your day-to-day content creation.

  • Vassilena Valchanova: Building Data-Driven Buyer Personas

    WordCamp Sofia 2018Speaker: Vassilena Valchanova

    December 10, 2018 — We often put a dividing line between quantitative data and the personal relationship with clients. The thinking goes that if we focus on numbers too much we forget the actual people behind them.
    We’ll fight this notion by demonstrating how data can help you understand your users and build better buyer personas. We’ll answer the following questions:
    – What can Google Analytics, Facebook Audience Insights, and Linkedin Website Demographics teach us about our audience?
    – How to build on top of quantitative information with interviews and personal feedback?
    – How to group and segment data into distinct personas?

  • Vassilena Valchanova: Rule with Data: measurement for your business

    WordCamp Milano 2017Speaker: Vassilena Valchanova

    January 16, 2018 — Data is power. They say if you torture data long enough, sooner or later it will confess. During this presentation you’ll learn the best “torture techniques” for:
    – getting to know which content and channels bring you valuable traffic;
    – finding the best ways to engage your audience;
    – marrying qualitative and quantitative data to uncover customer feedback.
    The best news: you can get deep level analytics with free tools for the first couple of years of your business. I’ll share the best tools and some handy resources to get data right.

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  • Василена Вълчанова: Магнит За Клиенти: Как Да Се Представите За Привличане На Нов Бизнес

    WordCamp Sofia 2015Speaker: Vassilena Valchanova

    December 28, 2015 — Обущарят може и да ходи бос, но онлайн специалистът трябва да има свой сайт. От лекцията ще научите как трябва да изглежда сайтът ви, за да печелите лесно нови клиенти, как да го маркетирате правилно и как да минете крачка пред конкурентите си. Това не е лекция само за дивелъпъри, а за всеки дигитален професионалист.

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