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  • Mario Peshev: Tips For Successful Enterprise WordPress Projects

    WordCamp Bucharest 2018Speaker: Mario Peshev

    August 9, 2019 — Mario Peshev is a tech entrepreneur and the founder of DevriX, a distributed team of 35 scaling large WordPress platforms. He’s been hacking code over the past 15 years (including 30+ patches in the WordPress Core), teaching tech and business courses at universities and companies like VMware, SAP, Saudi Aramco, blogging on WordPress and management topics, and everything in-between. Mario is a proud supporter of dog-friendly office environments and the father of Tina, a cute 10-month old girl.

    The topic of Mario’s presentation is “Tips For Successful Enterprise WordPress Projects“.

  • Mark Smallman: Get a 5,000 hour head-start on your projects

    WordCamp Edinburgh 2017Speaker: Mark Smallman

    April 8, 2019 — In this talk, He will show how he combined wanting to know how WordPress themes were built – and how the process has resulted in me building myself a ‘starter theme’ that he use on 95% of all my custom theme builds.

  • Donna Botti: Managing Your WordPress Projects

    WordCamp Philadelphia 2018Speaker: Donna Botti

    December 5, 2018 — You may have started your business because you valued the freedom and independence, but do you find your time is not your own? Clients who don’t meet their deadlines; software, themes and plugins that change the way they work (or break) on their schedule not yours; and generally fighting the fire of the day mean you won’t be as successful as you want.

    In this talk learn some tips to make your WordPress design and development projects, and your business in general, run more smoothly so you can pursue what matters to you. The platforms, tools and processes you use and how you structure a project can make a difference. Regain your independence!

  • Mike Selander, Libby Barker: Press, Publish, React

    WordCamp For Publishers: Chicago 2018Speakers: Mike Selander, Libby Barker

    August 22, 2018 — This session will focus on the decision-making and logistical considerations our team took to meet the challenge of creating a holistic WordPress/React product. Presented by both the Project Manager and development team involved, the purpose of this session will be to provide insight and tangible action items for other teams hoping to achieve similar goals.

  • guillegarcia,arkangel: Proyectos RAROS con WordPress

    Granada WordPress Meetup

    June 25, 2018 — Lo habitual cuando trabajamos con WordPress es construir sitios corporativos, blogs, e-commerce… Que no es poco. Pero, ¿qué más se puede hacer con WordPress?

    Guillermo García y Ángel Moreno (sí, en dueto, a ver cómo funciona la nueva fórmula, si se parece más a Pimpinela o a Faemino y Cansado) nos van a hablar de algunos proyectos con ciertas particularidades: backend para aplicaciones móviles “especiales”, plataformas con alta interacción de usuarios en el frontend, webapps usando React.js + WP, y quizá algo más.

    Entraremos en detalles técnicos, pero la idea es analizar algunos casos de uso poco frecuentes trabajando con nuestro CMS favorito como un verdadero framework de desarrollo, intentar analizar las ventajas que aporta frente a desarrollos desde 0 en proyectos con cierta complejidad.

    Al terminar la presentación podréis lanzar algunos tomates, o flores, al gusto de cada cual. Y además debatir un poco sobre el concepto “hacer hoyos con un martillo” 🙂

    Nota del organizador: Durante el evento podréis tomaros algo si queréis, pero además, y como viene siendo habitual, al final de la charla nos quedaremos a tomar unas cervezas o refrescos (tapas incluidas) en el mismo local. El que quiera puede unirse y así hacer algo de Networking o lo que “se tercie” :p

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  • Amber Hinds, Kevin McKernan, Mike Selander: Matching Themes With Projects Townhall

    WordCamp Denver 2017Speakers: Amber Hinds, Kevin McKernan, Mike Selander

    October 12, 2017 — There are a lot of ways to control how WordPress looks and “Themes” covers all of them…

    Commercially available themes, from ThemeForest for example.
    Frameworks such as Genesis from StudioPress
    Drag-and-Drop Builders from Beaver Builder to Bold Grid to the Visual Composer plugin.
    How do you pick which is the best-fit for your project and your client?

  • Dinesh Jain: OSCAR – Methadology To Manage WordPress Projects

    WordCamp Nasik 2016Speaker: Dinesh Jain

    June 22, 2017 — Lightening Talk
    This talk covers a complete life cycle of a WordPress Digital projects. Following are the key bullet points:
    Why Project Management Methodology is essential for a WordPress project
    Existing Methodologies and hindrances caused.
    Understanding each phase of OSCAR methodology:
    Building a Baseline
    Understanding “Why”
    Defining “What”
    Defining “How”
    User Experience and Interface
    Code Wrangling
    Content Development
    Marketing and Sales Automation Engine
    Performance Measurement
    Performance Analysis
    Update based on performance measurements and analysis
    Implement Product Roadmap Features
    Follow Content Calendar For Content Development
    Tools for each phase of OSCAR methodology
    Advantages and Derivatives of using OSCAR for Freelancers and Agencies.

    How it will help the audience:
    Non-Technical (Business Owners, Business Analytics, Business Development Managers)
    Technical (Developers, Freelancers)

  • John J Giaconia and Kara Hansen: Scoping and Estimating WordPress Projects as an Agency

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2016Speakers: John J Giaconia, Kara Hansen

    September 25, 2016 — Best practices for estimating WordPress-based projects to be delivered to customers. Understanding and controlling scope; Methods for estimating and tracking time; Managing customer expectations; Retrospectives/continuous improvement

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  • RA Dominic Baumüller: Fallstricke bei der Begründung, Durchführung und Beendigung von IT-Verträgen

    WordCamp Nuremberg 2016Speaker: Dominic Baumüller

    April 20, 2016 — IT-Projekte werden in ca. 70% der Fälle nicht beendet. Dies hat u.a. damit zu tun, dass die beteiligten Parteien den rechtlichen Rahmen entweder unterschätzen, oder gänzlich vergessen. Nach Bestätigung des Angebots wird einfach begonnen zu programmieren. Leistungs-/Pflichtenheft sind meistens nicht formuliert, der zeitliche Fahrplan falsch kalkuliert und über Change Requests macht man sich erst im Laufe des Projekts Gedanken. Das Going Live auf der einen und der Vergütungsanspruch auf der anderen Seite sind jeweils gefährdet. Die gute Idee bleibt meist nur eine solche. Dies muss nicht so sein. Der Vortrag soll uns Konfliktpotential aufzeigen und vor dem Scheitern eines IT-Projekts schützen.

  • Ivan Potančok: Kontrola kvality webového projektu

    WordCamp Slovakia 2015Speaker: Ivan Potančok

    November 17, 2015 — Prečo je dôležité urobiť pred spustením webu finálnu kontrolu. Odhaľte ňou posledných 5%, ktoré vám chýbajú do 100% toho, aby bol projekt dokončený.

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