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  • Jason Acuna: Continuous Integration And How to Work With Big Teams

    WordCamp San Antonio 2020Speaker: Jason Acuna

    January 21, 2021 — Is important not only sharing the code, but as everything evolve we should share our environments in an easy way, finding container, and establishing rules to deploy our code and try to reduce the amount of errors we might introduce on every project, specially if that project is of a considerable size.
    we start from our local by:
    1. sharing local enviroment with docker.
    2. work with composer so we only have custom code on our repository.
    3. Bitbucket as repository holder.
    4. Bitbucket pipelines to work as continues integration.
    5. implement basic unit testing during CI.
    5. deploy to any hosting provider.

  • Marta Torre y Nora Ferreirós: Cómo formar un equipo cuando todo el mundo va por libre

    WordPress Pontevedra MeetupSpeakers: Marta Torre, Nora Ferreirós

    October 3, 2019 — Marta Torre y Nora Ferreirós, desarrolladora y diseñadora que tienen una empresa conjunta, nos contarán cómo encontrar a alguien para el camino y no matarlo en el intento (y sacar trabajo adelante, claro)

  • Samantha Johnston: Building a Dream Team

    WordCamp Riverside 2018Speaker: Samantha Johnston

    September 15, 2019 — The presentation will explain when and how to create & grow your team to scale your business.

    Questions to ask yourself before posting the job opportunity, questions to ask applicants, contracts to have in place, how to pay them, how to manage projects and how to keep them loving their work, loving you and most of all loyal and raving contractors/employees.

    I’m not an HR pro, accounting pro or legal pro, I’m a fellow WP pro and have built an amazing team of contractors who love me, our work together and due to their raving about me, I have been asked by others how I’ve built my team and how they can do it too. I’d love to share my process and help others grow their team and scale their business as I have.

  • Christie Chirinos: Employees, Contractors, Partners, Interns, Oh My! Grow Your WordPress Business

    WordCamp NYC 2017Speaker: Christie Chirinos

    February 9, 2018 — So you’ve started a business, and your business is working. People are asking for your services and paying you for them. That’s awesome! Now, the tasks required to keep the business going are mounting. Everyone keeps telling you that it’s time to start outsourcing. However, few people seem to have an idea of how to actually grow a team. You need a bookkeeper, but how do you even find one? What about a lawyer? Should a support team member be a contractor or an employee? What about interns – do they need to be paid? What about services like Fiverr and Upwork?

    In this talk, we will answer these questions and more. Relevant to any freelancer beginning to see themselves as an agency, product or education business looking for additional support, or anywhere in between, our experience growing the team at Caldera Labs has been full of lessons we’d like to share. From understanding what makes a legal unpaid internship vs. an illegal one, to best practices in how to teach new team members how to do things the way you think should be done while allowing room for each person’s unique strengths to shine through, this WordPress HR talk will be packed with information and leave you armed with the legalese and management concepts to grow a successful team – extra points for being specifically for WordPress businesses, by a WordPress business professional, and with knowledge of what employment law looks like especially in New York City.

  • Jon Ang: Into the WordPress Team and Community / WordPress のチームに、コミュニティに飛び込もう

    WordCamp Tokyo 2016Speaker: Jon Ang

    September 25, 2016 — The WordPress Organisation is made up of various teams that make the entire ecosystem work. There’s a lot more than contributing code to making WordPress.org and helping WordPress grow.

    I will be speaking about the various teams of WordPress, what they do, how they work with each other and more importantly how one can join. Plus a little story of how I joined and how it affected me professionally.

    エコシステム全体がうまくいっているのは、WordPress がたくさんのチームによって組織されているからです。WordPress.org や WordPress 自体の成長に貢献する方法は、コードを書くことだけではなく、もっといろいろな形があるのです。WordPress の各種チームについて、彼らが何をしているのか、チーム同士がどのように連携しているのか、そしてもっとも重要な参加方法について、このセッションで話します。それから、私自身がどのように参加するようになり、それが私の職業人生にどのような影響を与えてくれたのかという小さな物語も少し語ります。

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  • Hiroki Matsumoto: 個人からチームへ。200万人に正しく情報を届けるための取り組み

    WordCamp Kansai 2016Speaker: Hiroki Matsumoto

    July 29, 2016 — 個人からチームへ。200万人に正しく情報を届けるための取り組み

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