Zé Fontainhas: Lost in Translation—i18n and WordPress


November 14, 2009

José Fontainhas on the global nature of WordPress, benefits of preparing your project to support translation, how to prepare your project, what resources are available, and a short introduction to GlotPress.

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WordCamp New York 2009 29


Zé Fontainhas 8


Automattician 33
development 187
i18n 7
localization 3
Plugins 109
Themes 99


English 2026

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3 Responses to “Zé Fontainhas: Lost in Translation—i18n and WordPress”

  1. xcobar

    I was waiting for this video.
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    cheers ; )


  2. el angel de dios

    que vien gracias primero adios y luego a el maestro cristian casa blanca me saque unos pecitos que bastante que los nesecitabas yo le tengo mucha fe a el maestro polque yo me e sacado muchas beses pol el


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