Matt Cutts: Straight from Google – SEO, What You Need to Know

94 responses on “Matt Cutts: Straight from Google – SEO, What You Need to Know

  1. Alexander Moya

    Great tips! specially the one for adsense, I didn’t know about the adsense tags and how it can really help ad content and targeting.


  2. Michael Russell - @planetrussell

    Be Relevant, be reputable. Write daily. Quality stuff.


  3. roger moore

    This is such a great presentation by Matt. A lot of good information from Matt on how to be effective on Google.
    The moral of the story is, be yourself and enjoy what you write!


  4. John Chen

    Very good information. Especially for Word Press users, but also some good SEO tips in general.


  5. pundit

    This is one of the most fun talks I’ve seen on! Matt (C) has an engaging style that seamlessly mixes amusing anecdotes and tidbits of insight.

    I am one of those people who write “Check out this cool picture of my cat!”-level content just for the fun of it, and even I learnt something from this talk. I now realise that I should pay more attention to the variety of words I use to express ideas if I want to reach a wider audience.

    That, and we need more references to singular value decompositions in tech talks!


  6. Santoo

    thanks to matt cutts


  7. Ayush Kumar

    WOW, WordPress Rock. WordPress is one of those most search engine friendly Blog.


  8. Mike T

    More entertaining than I would have guessed. I was initially just going to skim through this but I ended up watching the entire thing.

    I’ve gotta say though, Matt’s page on Google has fallen to the second page (for ‘matt’). He needs to step it up 🙂


  9. Elizabeth Kraus

    This is such valuable information. Thanks so much for posting this!


  10. David Lakins

    Matts Cutts does it again. A great video on the “Google-take” on WordPress and how to optimise your WordPress site for best results.


  11. Ed Coyne

    Excellent presentation. I was able to gather some great pointers about how to optimize my blog and how to blog better. Great information for newbie bloggers. Thanks, Matt!


  12. helpstring

    Presentation didn’t go to much into detail but still good fun. The good thing for me: I was reminded of one or two things I already had forgotten or ignored…


  13. doruman

    It`s a real pleasure to see the direct point of view of Google explained by Matt Cutts, the right information, directly from source, not a “guru” or SEO “specialist” who try to sell something to you.

    Many thanks for all these great informations


  14. David Coakley

    Matt’s presentation was great. He kept it interesting and I learned quite a few things that will help me out with numerous sites I have running on WP. Thanks for sharing the info with those of us who couldn’t make the trek to SF!


  15. Jessica

    Great presentation.

    It’s nice to laugh as well as learn.


  16. Zack Katz

    I wish Matt Cutts had been at WordCamp Denver!


  17. Suburban Blend

    Great vid, well worth watching if you have a Blog.


  18. wormeyman

    This was soo informative and helpful. The “expert sex change” was a funny joke.


  19. TechThem

    Its always been worth reading the Matt Cutt’s Article.
    I learned many new things from him. Plus i’m a huge fan of Larry Page, sergey brin and matt cutts



  20. Arnold Shields

    It is great to see such a comprehensive video. As you go through it, it keeps getter better.


  21. Web Design Glasgow

    Excellent vid – probably the only vid of such length that i’ve watch in entirety online. Matt, you’re the man!


  22. Jacob Elliott

    Fantastic video about why WordPress is the way to blog, build websites, and optimize them for SEM. I really appreciate the quality information Matt discussed.

    Thanks Matt!


  23. malarkyman

    Good tips for optimization indeed.


  24. Henderson

    I use /%postname%.html is there any reason why one would not use an extension on the /%postname%/ tag? It would sure be nice if Google would make the Captcha on the Adwords Keyword tool shorter and easier to read. I appreciate the tip about using keywords in the URL in addition to the Title as I have always just left the url code that WordPress creates.


    • Sam Hamilton

      There is not much difference between /%postname%.html and /%postname%/ so either can be used.

      Don’t forget that if you have an adwords account then login and use the keyword tool inside to avoid the captcha.


  25. dinu

    entire video is great !! awesome !!


  26. Kiki

    Great presentation (again!) Matt. Always interesting and entertaining. Unfortunately now I am addicted to and am giving up work for the next half hour! lol! Keep it up.


  27. Jay Berkowitz

    Awesome preso Matt, I’ll be tweeting and blogging this one!



  28. Free Things to Do in Chicago

    Thank you for such an informative video presentation, especially the Adsense tip — this should make for better ads.



  29. Marvin Hernandez

    This is one of the best FREE lessons I’ve found on blog SEO ! Straight from the source. Thanks Matt, Thanks Word Press for the education. Much appreciated


  30. BobinOz

    A great presentation and very helpful advice. I didn’t realise that the www. or not thing was still a problem. But it is and Matt offers two solutions.


  31. Redbrickstock

    I liked the video tip, especially the hot or not test !


  32. Ben Maden

    Excellent all the way through 🙂 Furniture furniture!


  33. wpthemesweb



  34. ryan

    very informative indeed. i will definitely try all the nice plugins for wp and thanks a bunch for the useful tips for SEO. thanks and more power.


  35. Amit

    Some really brilliant tips from Matt and a nice resource video.


  36. worldphoto360

    Great presentation,

    I suspect if you attended the presentation you are savvy enough to know most of the tips that were presented in his talk.


  37. Myrddin

    Thanks a lot for this video! Very informative and even for me a lot of interesting hint sI haven’t thought of before! thanks!


  38. chiendent

    Really fantastic presentation, you are a master for that! It is always good to have a good talk about all that. For example, I don’t update! I was not seing the point to do it but now I know! Thank you!


  39. Nicknick

    This was a great presentation Matt. The way you put things makes them very easy to get across. You’ve definitely improved how I will be explaining things to clients in the future. This was a great video to watch.


  40. manny

    One question.

    Matt mentioned to get better rankings you need relevant (keywords on your page) and Reputable.

    My question about the links you get from other sites: does the link have to come from a good site that has PR and it is reputable, or also from a page that the content is relevant to my page? or it is enough that the page linking to me is a good page, and the anchor text they are using to link to my page is the keyword I want to rank for?

    Thanks for your input 🙂



  41. Chris Edwards

    Dude, Matt Cutts is the epic son of Jesus! Great presentation and very valuable video for the WordPress community.


  42. Anni Taylor

    Hey! I’m going to blog this as essential viewing if you’re new to blogging.

    The bit about ‘Do you have BO?’ is pure gold. Backlink Obsession is pretty silly when you could be spending that time & energy on better content (and people will link to you naturally.)


  43. agry Ashton

    Great viewing! I was directed to this as I’m trying to get in the blogging side of things to help with my real estate business. Gary 🙂


  44. George Manlangit

    Matt, you rock. Good SEO points. BO – very funny.

    BTW, John P and Dave, thanks a bunch for producing this video. We would not have the chance to watch and catch up with Matt.

    Reputation vs Relevance. That’s new. Nice to learn about the adsense code tag, and the htaccess on the wp-admin folder. That’s a good power tip.


  45. RateBrain

    Matt – excellent video. The part about AdSense targeting and .htaccess limiting access to your own specified IP addresses was great. Is there an admin tool to update the IP addresses or do you have to modify the file each time you want to change the IP list?



  46. Nick Stamoulis

    This is a great video with tons of useful information…thanks Matt!


  47. Paul,

    Great video. Didn’t think I’d watch it all, but I did.

    Matt surprised me that he didn’t mention things like the All In One SEO pack, plug-in, which I thought was necessary to *optimize* my WordPress blog, but I guess that’s not true. However, I’m glad to see that I’m getting things mostly right.

    Anyway, a very entertaining and informative video. I’ve never seen Matt before, but he was very different from what I imagined. I bet Google is a fun place to work!


  48. Allahverdi Suleymanov

    Nice stuff. Thanks Matt!


  49. uneekGrafix

    This is a great video. Simple and to the point with a little bit of humor! Great info and great find.


  50. Elaine Lahey, I.T. Director

    Delightfully entertaining and informative! Definitely worth watching for anyone using WordPress!


  51. Barry Shereshevsky

    Fantastic, entertaining talk with some great yips that make sense. Perfect!


  52. jessie

    Matt is cute but his cat looks better. lol! Great effort Google Team! 😉


  53. raja

    Love the video. I think the biggest takeaways are:
    1. the katamari slide – start with niche and expand.
    2. the one about the keyword tool – finding related keywords.
    3. Finding the most popular posts and updating them (or adding others similar to them)
    4. The friendly URL with the keywords in the url.
    5. The “related posts” suggestion.

    Great Job Matt! love wordpress.


  54. Nollind Whachell

    Agree with everything except with “Write daily”. As soon as you starting “forcing” yourself to blog daily, you’ll kill your passion which is a critical component. Instead, I’d change it to “Write with a regular frequency”. So ya, if you’re super excited about your topic and can write daily, do so. If not, don’t worry about it but still try to write regularly (i.e. once a week or once a month on the first day of the month). The passion with which you write and the quality of your content will keep people coming back to your post and continually linking to it for years to come.


  55. Jesse

    Great video.


  56. Leslie Trosset

    Excellent video, Matt. Picked up on some great wordpress plugins.


  57. memory foam

    Great presentation, and one couldn’t ask for a better and more authoritative source. I learned a lot.


  58. SEO Mumbai

    Excellent video..


  59. Jim Adams

    Thank you Matt, your call for relevance and reputation have had a tremendous impact on my web development. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for all your contributions to the new world of web.

    Jim Adams


  60. Mal Gordon

    Thank you so much for this video. It helped me to validate many theories I have held over the years on how to boost your page rank.


  61. BFIPakistan

    Hey Matt Cool, I am the big fan of your training videos Thanks for this excellent tips on wordpress.

    Keep updated us



  62. Joan

    Thanks only found out about this video now in 2010 – but still relevant and learned a lot.


  63. Calgary Web Design

    Great video of Matt. I’m becoming quite a fan of this guy – not only is it interesting to listen & watch, it’s compelling – without the need to go overboard with details. Very nice! (and no… I’m not a cat fan… just stick with the dogs!). Thanks for the video post!


  64. Josh Malone

    Matt does a great job of providing important information and at the same time not being so overly technical that it is completely over most of our heads. Great job Matt.


  65. Josh Anderson

    With the launch of my new WordPress site this video was very helpful. I wouldn’t watch anyone but Matt Cutts and Joost de Valk for WordPress + search best practices.


  66. Raymi Rodriguez

    Matt always does his best explaining everything in a very simple matter in order for people who have a hard time understanding can.. thanks alot


  67. Thomas

    MAtt is the bomb. He always has some good tid bits.

    I am partial to the httaccess mods and the adsense code!

    Thanks for this video


  68. Nigel

    Really useful stuff, although it was done in 2009 it is totally relevant today. WordPress just keeps getting better and so do the plugins. WP rules and let’s hope it continues as so many of us have invested a huge amount of time with this open source code.


  69. Jane K Elvisky

    I totally agree with Nigel about WordPress, amazing CMS and I am using it on each of my sites. I would love to mention, that everybody should listen to Matt Cutts regarding Google, as he says great things between the lines, you just have to think a little.


  70. vaibhavmeswani

    word press is best , i am not sure but i have done more then 100 sites on wordpress for one of my client.


  71. Daniel

    WordPress is a must for anyone starting on their SEO journey. Out-of-the-box SEO that WP has is amazing. Just add the all-in-one-seo plugin and your rankings will improve. Thanks once again matt cutts.


  72. Markus Nikolas

    WP is the most popular platform today, so some issues seems a little bit outdated today – agree with Nigel, however Matt Cutts has some good recommendations which really worth to listen.


  73. nashvilletnmortgage

    Matt always seems to bring it and this video is no different. WordPress is a great platform for the beginning and expert SEOs alike. So many great plugins are available to help improve your site that require little extra work from the user.


  74. Ashlee A.

    Great video. WordPress has been my favorite platform for several years now and continues to improve. It is amazing that this easy to use platform is so versatile that beginners can use it with ease and that it also provides the advanced features desired by experts who manage larger companies. However the best part is that Google seems to love WordPress site and even a beginner can have a well optimized blog with just the addition of a plugin or two.


  75. webdesign maniac

    SEO is a little more complicated than grab a WordPress plugin and you’re done. Even if you get the best WP plugin (which is Yoast SEO plugin in my opinion) you need to be able to use it, not to mention that SEO doesn’t stop there just begin. I use WP myself a lot but not always because it has its own limitation as well so when you’re saying WordPress is the best think again.There is no best platform, but there are good and bad designers and developers.


  76. Chris

    Brilliant video, WordPress has grown significantly and great for anyone starting out blogging. This is a good reference for all new bloggers even still.


  77. Rosy

    Great video, thanks Mike i’m always interested in SEO and have tried a few plugins.


  78. emanweb

    It’s amazing that even though 7 years later after this presentation the SEO fundamentals are still valid. Great presentation!


  79. dorchester seo

    It’s amazing that even though 7 years later after this presentation the SEO fundamentals are still valid. Great presentation!


  80. Jekk

    – It’s amazing that even though 7 years later after this presentation the SEO fundamentals are still valid. Great presentation! –


  81. liriklagudotcom

    Matt always does his best explaining everything in a very simple matter in order for people who have a hard time understanding can.. thanks alot


  82. Fivie Erlina

    thanks to matt cutts


  83. Media Tekno

    thanks to matt cutts


  84. Josh

    Been using WordPress for years now and unless you are a programmer or you must use another platform, it’s the only way to go. Great video.


  85. tuttowp

    In 2019 this video is still relevant.


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May 30, 2009

Matt Cutts from the Web Spam team at Google showcases the good and the bad of WordPress as seen through the eyes of Google, including basics on how Google search works and how you can boost your blog’s results in Google searches.

Video produced by John P and Dave Curlee.

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