Lorelle VanFossen: Tags and Categories: Are You Uncategorized?

7 responses on “Lorelle VanFossen: Tags and Categories: Are You Uncategorized?

  1. Sean

    Thank you for posting this tutorial on categories and tags! Taking your suggestion, at dinner I’m going to brainstorm with my family and get their input for the blog plan.


  2. Ron Gilmore

    Hello All,

    I sent email yesterday saying that the WordCamp San Fransisco the video did stream well, that is also the case with (I think Portland) videos.. So I now assume it is something I need do do on my end, however have no idea what.. Help Please as the CordCamp have great information, just need it to work better..

    Best Regards


  3. archertc

    For others having problem with the stream, click the pause button to let it fully download before clicking play again. It takes a lonnnnnnnng while for some reason.


  4. hunter.toastmasters

    Hi, I thought it was a great format and great introduction to tags and categories. I also had difficulty with the stream and found it painful. I did pause once or twice and now that I think of it, that may have helped.
    I now need to go to Wikepedia to understand these terms on a more basic level.


  5. Chair Blog

    Hi Lorelle

    As usual I beg to defer. I’ve no tags, only categories and subcategories.
    I’m being found imho.

    Recently I was able to move the rather lengthy sidebar with all these categories and subcategories into an archive page.

    My main point is I want not only to connect designers and their designs. For me this is an index or maybe more to the point a database with multiple points of entry.When splitting types of chairs as categories and designers as tags I’m afraid not being able anymore to connect the two in the proper way.

    my 2 cents


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September 20, 2009

Lorelle VanFossen of Lorelle on WordPress discusses challenges and opportunities in the tag and category structure of WordPress blogs and shares some tips for keeping yours organized and effective.

Video production by Joe Christensen of Blaze Streaming Media.

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