Matt Mullenweg: WordPress and Open Source

5 responses on “Matt Mullenweg: WordPress and Open Source

  1. GPLThemes?

    So, you do an interview and then go back and dup some questions over it? Interesting process…maybe Obama should pick up on that one 😉


    • Michael Pick

      Yup, the questions were redubbed in post due to them not having been mic’d on location. The idea, made after the fact, was to make the content easier for people to listen to as well as view, rather than just read, as we’d originally intended.


  2. ileaneb

    Buddy Press sounds like something I want to hear more about. Is there a video available for it now?



  3. tychay

    The focus is a tiny bit behind Matt. You can tell because his sportcoat is tack sharp. 😉


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October 27, 2009

Matt Mullenweg talks about WordPress, how open source creates ownership, the importance of community to WordPress, the role of BuddyPress in social media, and the infectious nature of the open source mindset.

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