Panel Discussion: Blogging for Your Business

7 responses on “Panel Discussion: Blogging for Your Business

  1. Capital Drinks

    Thanks for all the info, we are building our blog and the info has been helpful, I think that the main point is that you can speak to your potential customers directly but still you will have to know serious SEO to make it work!


  2. Banago

    Great panel and great advice. I loved that one about the comment form – it looks trivial, but it is fundamental in commenting success.


  3. Wendy MacKay

    Great tips here for bloggers, thank you! I love the comments on syndicating with others on their blogs, as well as, asking open ended questions at the end of the post to encourage comments. Forming a community of like-minded blogging friends to formulate ideas and bounce ideas off one another is strong.


  4. thenamelesschronicles

    This video is great and will really help me give a well-rounded presentation to my company the benefits of having a blog. Thank you!


  5. Rhonda Percell

    Thank you for doing this panel discussion about blogging for business. I think it is great to teach businesses especially small (mom and pop shop)businesses, to use social media to promote their business and connect with their customers.


  6. 1paintedpet

    Thank you for the general overview of the topic, it works for me as a beginner blogger.


  7. Dave Taylor

    As the moderator, i can speak for everyone on the panel (well, probably not, but roll with me, okay?) and say that we’re all really delighted that this video is also sharing some of our thoughts, experiences, and suggestions about how to make your blogging community happy and healthy.


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July 10, 2010

Jim Turner, Beth Hayden, and Bethany Siegler discuss common questions related to business blogging. Is blogging really a necessity for my company? How do I get the most out of blogging? How can WordPress help to market our products or services? How can we make sure it actually reaches our target clients? What should we write about and/or how can we find content to include? What should we not write about or include on a business blog?

Video provided by Blaze Streaming Media.

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