John Blackbourn, Kirsty Burgoine, Miles Stewart, Mark Wilkinson, Tom Nowell: Lightning Talks – Development

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May 30, 2015

Tom Nowell
Tom explains what WP CLI is, introduces three useful commands you can use, and explains how to find out more.

Catering for WordPress
Kirsty Burgoine
This talk is a whistle stop tour of how WordPress was used to create an intranet for businesses in the restaurant / catering industry. Some of the features include help plan and budget dishes and menus, work out costings for bulk recipes down to individual portions and include other factors such as VAT and a variable gross profit.

Custom Post Type Meta
Mark Wilkinson
Over the course of many WordPress site builds, Mark found a constant problem when dealing with custom post types: he wanted to add meta data to a post type like you do a post. In this talk Mark gives a brief overview of why he needed to be able to do this and how he went about it, building a plugin to provide this functionality.

Cleaner Themes and Plugins
Miles Stewart
Miles talks about creating cleaner themes and plugins, moving towards using mvc in plugin and theme creation.

John Blackbourn
John talks about why you should treat debugging as a key skill that you should practice and become proficient at. He’ll show you a few tools and processes for modern and efficient debugging of the front end and the back end.

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