Mary Baum: Designing for Conversion

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  1. marybaum

    Heh – this is actually Registering Widget Areas, from WordPress 201.


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August 17, 2015

It’s easy to talk about designing for conversion until you decide you’re really going to do it. What design considerations really do matter for conversion? What’s the role of copy, given these two prevailing (and conflicting!) attitudes:
1. Just make the BUY button big and add a picture of a baby. Nobody reads the copy anyway.
2. Copy is everything! If someone really is in the market for your thing, they’ll read everything you have to say! (Just add a video of someone saying the exact same thing at the top, and use LOTS of subheads.)
Take a look at these points of view and more, on the road to converting your lookers to buyers, one press of that blue button* at a time.

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