Jamie Schmid: Content Doesn’t Grow on Trees – An Introduction to Content Strategy

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January 11, 2016

“Content is EVERYBODY’s problem: it’s a problem for the content creator, and a problem for the developer. Without content, there is no website. Without the website there is no client. Yet.. how is it content always gets left for last? In this talk I will teach you the core practices of the field known as Content Strategy.Truly thinking “Content First” from the beginning will completely transform your workflow and give everyone a grasp on creating, managing and structuring content, in time and on budget. Get started on this process early so you have enough time to write engaging, thoughtful content and get it published on time.

This talk is equally valuable for content creators, agencies and freelancers alike. Everyone wants to avoid the horror situation of scrambling to get content together two days before going live. It’s a nightmare for the author and a nightmare for the developer to implement. Learn how to integrate Content Strategy into your entire web process, resulting in quality content, organized and delivered on-time.”

Learning Outcomes:

– Understand and communicate the value of content as a true business asset.
– Organize your site build process around real content, not lorem ipsum.
– Better identify the organization’s content requirements to build a stronger CMS architecture.
– Build a content calendar to ensure your company/client is able to stay on top of content needs throughout the site build process and beyond.
– Set yourself apart from the competition by offering Content Strategy services to your clients.

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