Gutenberg Editor Basic Features

2 responses on “Gutenberg Editor Basic Features

  1. Nestor Suarez

    Not crazy about Gutenberg. Gutenberg slows bulk work down significantly. I ended up switching to Classic. I started watching this video, but no one has explained what Gutenberg does that is better than Classic for my publishing purposes. I know it has a media library…Great. I never wanted that media library. For example, if I select more than one image with Gutenberg, it throws it into a media library. WTF? Maybe, I wanted the images to appear in full stacked one on top of the other. Really really really not happy with Gutenberg.


  2. Nestor Suarez

    –Not media library. I meant to say image gallery. ARRRGG.


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September 8, 2017

Tammie Lister shows John Parkinson some of the features of the Gutenberg Editor Plugin.

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