Rodolfo Melogli: The 10 Commandments of Content Marketing

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April 24, 2018

In 5 years of creating content on my WordPress website I’ve seen it all.

During the first 2 years I wasted time and energy to write blogs no one would read. Then I found my inspiration, my path, my content strategy – and in the last 3 years website traffic has risen from 0 to 15,000+ users per week. Now my blog is my only source of sales leads.

In this presentation, I’ll first and foremost describe what mistakes I made (what about saving 2 years of your life?) and then I’ll proceed to list the “10 Commandments of Content Marketing” – 10 simple tips you can take away to increase your website traffic and focus on the only purpose of content marketing: teaching.

In the final part of the talk, each commandment will be “translated” into WordPress. I will recommend plugins and WordPress strategies to implement the whole system – in fact, I’d consider this a failure unless you go back to your office and take action!

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