Kelli Wise: Learn to Use Your WordPress Website PART 2

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September 20, 2018

You have this great WordPress website and now you want to know how to use it.

Congratulations! You just launched a shiny, new website built on WordPress and you’ve logged in to the admin area to have a look around. You’re ready to publish your first blog post or edit a page but, Wowza, there are a lot of things to click on! All of those menu options is making you very uncomfortable.

What are all of those options for? What happens if you click on them? What if you click on the wrong thing?

Make sure you come prepared! Read to the end to see what you should bring and come early to make sure you’re ready to go.

You’ve probably headed out to Google-ville to find the answer to your questions. You’ve discovered that there are a kerjillion different individual tutorials out there on how to do this or that. You’ve watched videos and read the Codex but you’re still worried and confused. It seems like a really steep learning curve.

It’s not. Learning to use WordPress is not hard. In this workshop, we are going to learn all the basics of WordPress to get you using your website like a pro. Some of the things we’ll be covering:

• How to login to your admin Dashboard
• A tour of the Dashboard
• The difference between Pages and Posts
• How to create and edit a Page and Post
• Formatting text and headings
• Adding images
• Embedding a Google map or YouTube video on your Page
• Dealing with Comments
• Backups – how and why
• Keeping things updated
• Widgets – what they are and how to use them
• Plugins – what they are
• Users and User Roles
• Tools
• Settings – what not to change

This is a Workshop, not a lecture, so you’ll see WordPress in action, have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get answers. The class size is kept small to maximize your learning.

Your instructor has been designing websites using WordPress for over 7 years. She’s also taught this material many times, so you know you’re going to come away from the class knowing how to use WordPress.

Note: this is a beginner level workshop for bloggers and business owners who use WordPress and isn’t intended for developers.

For this workshop you will want to have the following:

Laptop (or tablet big enough for you to work on)
A working self-hosted WordPress install or we can create a temporary site on

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