Pascal Birchler: WordPress Internationalization Workflows

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October 5, 2018

Soon after the release of WordPress 15 years ago, support for internationalization was added to the software. This meant that themes, plugins, and WordPress itself could be translated. This was a huge deal as WordPress is used all over the world, in countries where English is not the main language. WordPress was quickly translated into German, Japanese and many more languages.

Over the years, WordPress has steadily improved the way we have to work with internationalization. However, challenges still exist and there will always be new ones ahead. Projects like Gutenberg and ecosystems beyond force us to continuously iterate.

In this talk you’ll learn how to make use of the latest and greatest technology to make your WordPress plugin or theme fully internationalized. Pascal is going to highlight how you can leverage the powers of WordPress, GlotPress, and WP-CLI to improve the translation workflow in your WordPress projects.

WordPress 国際化のワークフロー

このセッションでは、WordPress のテーマやプラグインを完全に国際化するためにどうやって最新技術を活用すればよいかご紹介します。WordPress、GlotPress、そして WP-CLI を使って WordPress プロジェクトでの翻訳フローを改善するやり方を学びませんか。

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