Hien Lam: Art of No: How to Overcome the 3 Most Common Objections in Sales and Land More Customers for Your Creative Business

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December 27, 2019

As creatives, we hear objections from potential clients all the time.

Unfortunately, we don’t all respond appropriately and we end up losing business. In this talk, we explain how creatives should respond when a client says you’re too expensive, don’t have enough experience, or aren’t an expert.

Closing the sale is hard, and it doesn’t help when a client hits you with an objection that could derail your pitch entirely.

But instead of losing projects because of objections, we can actually use them in our favor. Whether the objection is due to you being too expensive, not having enough experience, or not being an expert, you can still win the project if you tweak your sales approach.

In this talk, we share how we land gigs even though we’re more expensive than our competitors, don’t have double-digit years of experience, and don’t have any expertise in any particular industry.

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