Simon Kraft, Flavia Bernárdez, Ronald Gijsel, Erika Ellacott, Ana Garcia López, Laura Sacco: Building a Sustainable Community through Meetups

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July 21, 2022

Join us for a panel discussion with community organizers from the WordPress ecosystem.

You’ll hear firsthand experiences from meetup and event organizers about what it’s like to start a meetup program and build a community through in-person and virtual events.

They’ll talk about the struggles they’ve faced, what they’ve learned from them, and share advice for anyone interested in getting involved, whether that means joining a meetup or even launching one yourself.

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WordCamp Europe 2022 53


Simon Kraft 11
Flavia Bernárdez 7
Ronald Gijsel 4
Erika Ellacott 1
Ana García López 5
Laura Sacco 7


English 9819

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