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  • WordPress 6.1 product walk-through

    Speakers: D. Baumwald, J. Paul, J. Desrosiers, J. Tadlock, M. Ventura, N. Diego, S. Norris

    September 13, 2022 — Moderated by @greenshady, the walk-through began with a planned feature review by @matveb that included the TT3 default theme, a refined template experience, fluid typography, and locking tools, amongst other features. Following the demos, the participating release squad members @davidbaumwald, @jeffpaul, @ndiego, @richtabor, @mikachan, and @desrosj spoke about the scope of their respective team’s release work. Closing out the event, the panelists fielded questions from the 80+ live attendees.

    Speakers: David Baumwald, Jeff Paul, Jonathan Desrosiers, Justin Tadlock, Matías Ventura, Nicholas Diego, Sarah Norris

    Thank you to the panelists, the WordPress 6.1 release squad, and contributors, @dansoschin, @priethor, and @jpantani for making this a successful walk-through.

  • Taming the whirlwind – growing your WordPress business while you’re busy with client work

    WordCamp US 2022Speaker: Nathan Ingram

    September 13, 2022 — This talk explains why it’s so hard to move your businesses forward while you’re busy with client work. Learn a strategy to address this very common issue, and find the motivation to make it happen.

  • Let’s code: a beginners guide to block locking in block themes

    Speakers: Jonathan Bossenger, Álvaro Gómez

    September 12, 2022 — One of the concerns that developers voiced regarding Block Themes and the Site Editor is that it gives users too much freedom to edit the site design, select colors, or modify blocks. More complex websites with many editors and departments who produce content need guardrails to enforce publishing standards and adherence to brand color schemas and design systems.

    In this session, we’ll be looking at the Block Locking options available in WordPress, and show you how you can restrict your Block Themes from user interference.

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  • A chat with Matt Mullenweg: WordCamp US 2022 Q&A

    WordCamp US 2022Speaker: Matt Mullenweg

    September 12, 2022 — WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg, answers live questions from WordCamp US 2022 attendees.

  • All about reusable blocks

    All About Reusable BlocksSpeaker: Destiny Kanno

    September 9, 2022 — I find that reusable blocks tend to be one of the Block Editor’s most slept on feature. There are so many ways that the reusable block can be a part of your every day publishing workflow whether it’s by sharing new recipes, repeating checklists, or templating processes.

    In this session we will discuss when and why to use reusable blocks, how they can boost your website workflow, and share and build some use cases in real time.

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  • Customizing a footer with patterns

    Speaker: Wes Theron

    September 7, 2022 — Learn how to modify and change a footer pattern to meet your design needs.

  • The creative side of blocks, Volume 2

    Speakers: Courtney Patubo Kranzke, Brian Gardner

    September 7, 2022 — Did you know that you can create all sorts of interesting art with blocks in WordPress? The possibilities are wild and wonderful! Join us for a look behind a piece of block art and perhaps you’ll be inspired to create your own.

    This is the second workshop in our block art series! Witness the power and flexibility of WordPress as Brian Gardner demonstrates how to design and build a magazine cover using core blocks.

  • Styling your WordPress blocks

    Speaker: Jonathan Bossenger

    September 5, 2022 — This tutorial will guide the new block developer on the process of styling the Edit component and the save function of a newly created WordPress block.

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  • WordPress as a paintbrush: an introduction to Internet Art

    WordCamp Montclair 2022Speaker: Rachel Winchester

    September 2, 2022 — Learn more about the history of Internet Art and the influence of WordPress on the Internet Art movement.

  • Let’s code: diving into theme.json

    Speaker: Jonathan Bossenger

    September 2, 2022 — One of the more exciting additions to WordPress theme development that block themes make possible is the inclusion of the theme.json file. This file allows the theme developer to enable and configure everything from CSS presets to custom fonts, and more.

    In this session, we’ll be taking a dive into the theme.json file for the new twentytwentythree default WordPress theme, to understand how it works, and what’s possible.

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