Speakers: Laurent Maillard

  • Laurent Maillard: Agile marketing – how we made our agency a better place

    WordCamp Europe 2022Speaker: Laurent Maillard

    July 1, 2022 — The software development world created agile methodologies to face the exact same problem most marketers face today.

    Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and many more were all answers to help developers work towards the end user needs and wishes instead of their own assumptions.

    The results have been amazing. In the marketing world, we face the exact same problems: we create years-long strategies, deliver tactics based on what we believe will work, and barely even know if those tactics actually delivered.

    Our day-to-day generally consists in jumping from one fire to another, from one meeting to another, while never actually looking into how could we reach our goals.

    In this talk, I’d love to present to the audience how we are creating a million euro business by applying the agile methodologies from the software world into the marketing world.

    I’ll share how we structure our workload in 10-days sprints and will go through the exact same steps we follow with our clients during planning, execution and reporting.

    I will also present how this has completely changed the scale of my business and some tips on how to sell this in form of retainers.

    It’s the talk I wish I’d attended 8 years ago when I started my own business.

  • Laurent Maillard: Stop Selling Websites, Start Selling Value. The Key To Recurring Revenue

    WordCamp Nijmegen 2017Speaker: Laurent Maillard

    October 14, 2017 — If you sell a website as the end product, you will always be treated as a commodity where price is the most important element when picking a service provider.

    In this talk, I want to share the 5 things every WordPress agency or freelancer should add into their service offering to start selling value to their clients and therefore generate recurring revenue.

    I’ve started as a WordPress shop selling 1k € website and have now build a service offering that help me generate around 10k € in recurring revenue every single month.

    In this talk I want to share what I’ve learned the hard way and give the audience very actionable ways to start generating more recurring revenue.

  • Laurent Maillard: Stop Selling Websites. Start Selling Value

    WordCamp Nederland 2016Speaker: Laurent Maillard

    November 11, 2016 — During this talk I’ll present the 4 steps that the audience should integrate into all their projects in order to bring tangible value to their clients. I’ll focus on the “what” of those 4 steps. I’ll then explain the “how” to use those 4 steps to market themselves better, to attract better clients and last but not least to switch from one-shot project to retainers.

  • Laurent Maillard: Stop Selling Websites, Sell Value – The Four Steps to Grow Your Clients’ Businesses

    WordCamp Europe 2016Speaker: Laurent Maillard

    July 5, 2016 — Plenty of freelancers and agencies still sell websites as they were only commodity that needed to be done once and then forgotten. In this talk, Laurent Maillard explains the 4 steps he implements with his clients to help them grow their businesses and how it has helped him switch from one-shot projects to retainers.