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  • Aura Brito, Roosevelt Gordones: Primeros pasos para crear tu blog

    WordPress Meetup San Antonio de Los AltosSpeakers: Aura Brito, Roosevelt Gordones

    February 19, 2023 — WordPress fue creado como una herramienta para bloguear, por lo cual no es extraño que más del 50% de los blogs del mundo estén hechos con WordPress.

    Y son muchas las razones de esta preferencia:

    – Su facilidad
    – Su fácil optimización y personalización
    – La posibilidad de tener colaboradores dentro del blog
    – La gran cantidad de plugins que hay para personalizar y potenciar el blog
    Entre muchos otros beneficios.

    Pero bloguear con WordPress es algo que no todo el mundo maneja, sobre todo si están empezando, es por ello que en esta actividad podrás realizar todas tus preguntas para que comiences tu blog con buen pie, y por supuesto, con WordPress.

  • Joost de Valk: Making sure your content is found – 2020 edition

    WordCamp Bulgaria 2020Speaker: Joost de Valk

    October 26, 2020 — 10 years after presenting at WordCamp Bulgaria for the first time, Joost is back, presenting with the exact same topic, but wildly improved suggestions. He also says he’ll bring slightly more grey hair, but that’s for you to judge when you come see him.

  • Jacqui Jones: Repurposing – From Site to Social

    Speaker: Jacqui Jones

    October 18, 2019 — This talk will help content creators get more use of their website and blog content while eliminating the stresses of social media management.

  • Ankita Deshkar: Fact-Check before Sharing or Publishing

    WordCamp Nagpur 2019Speaker: Ankita Deshkar

    September 15, 2019 — In today’s world, many people will read a post on facebook or blog and Believe it as truth without finding the original or secondary source. Every blogger should understand how serious problems can arise because of misinformation shared. In this session, Ankita shares simple tricks to verify the piece of information before publishing.

  • Amanda Webb: How to Revitalise your Blog Content for More Exposure and Sales

    WordCamp Belfast 2018Speaker: Amanda Webb

    April 19, 2019 — Blogging was always about writing, but in 2018 our readers have less time to consume content and more content to consume.

    If you want to continue to reach and grow your audience you’ll need to think beyond words alone. That’s a realisation I had in 2016, it’s one that made me change the way I blogged.

    Since then I’ve built stronger relationships with readers, won multiple awards for my blog and added new income streams to my business.

    I’m going to show you what I did and how you too can supercharge your blog with audio, video and visual content.

  • Yvette Sonneveld: Content Planning: How To Beat Writers Block For Now And Forever

    WordCamp Europe 2018Speaker: Yvette Sonneveld

    August 13, 2018 — In this workshop, you’ll unlearn the 3 most common mistakes business owners make when trying to create content for their website, you’ll discover what pillars of expertise are and how they help you avoid writers block and you’ll start playing around with the Matrix Method and go home with at least a month worth of content ideas.

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  • Tricia Clements: Where’s the content? Effective Video use in your WordPress Blog

    WordCamp Atlanta 2018Speaker: Tricia Clements

    August 9, 2018 — “You’ve spent hours (maybe months) creating a gorgeous website or maybe you paid someone else to design it for you, but what’s next? How do you consistently add content to your site? Learn tips and hacks to use video to create content for your blog, social media, newsletters and much more.

    Never run out of content again!

  • Alex Sanfilippo: 5 Steps For Publishing Content That Gets Noticed

    WordCamp Jacksonville 2018Speaker: Alex Sanfilippo

    July 25, 2018 — Creating a professional blog post is more important than it’s ever been. Why? There are a handful of reasons, but one major one is due to the amount of competition. In 2017 WordPress.com reported 2000+ blog posts every minute. You read that right. Every minute!

    Today I want to share my top 5 findings with you. I trust that if you read and apply these, you will create content that will truly stand out.

    #1 Content (Draft)
    #2 Craft a Title
    #3 Select a Featured Image
    #4 Content (Edit)
    #5 Content (Format)

    Creating a professional blog post that will stand out is no simple task. However, after years of practice and hard work, I’ve come up with these 5 points above. Ever since I implemented these points, my traffic has skyrocketed. I firmly believe that the same thing will happen to you when you implement these points.

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  • Sharon A. Dawson: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Repurposing Your WordPress Content

    WordCamp Raleigh 2018Speaker: Sharon A. Dawson

    June 11, 2018 — Writing a new blog or page for your WordPress website can take hours of research and crafting to get it just right. Learn how to leverage plugins and social media to re-promote that content from your WordPress site in ways to save you time and effort.

    In this session, you’ll learn:

    – The best plugins for re-promoting your content and settings to use on those plugins
    – New content types you can create from your original work
    – What social media sites are best for promoting your content in new ways
    – Tools to share your content over and over again with very little time on your part

    Don’t let that well-researched, well-written piece get stale and lose all engagement on your website.

    Session Summary: (key takeaways)
    Attendees will learn plugins, social media platforms, and time saving free tools to help repurpose their existing content to get more traffic to their WordPress site.

  • David Aguilera: De la página en blanco al éxito: qué pasos debes seguir

    WordCamp Madrid 2018Speaker: David Aguilera

    May 9, 2018 — Mantener un blog es una tarea más compleja de lo que uno se imagina. Empiezas muy motivado pero al cabo de un tiempo se te acaban las ideas y es difícil conseguir alcanzar un ritmo de trabajo constante y garantizar una frecuencia de publicación regular.

    Si a todo esto le sumas el hecho de tener que promocionar tus contenidos en redes sociales, seguramente desistas y acabes abandonando el blog en cuanto veas que no estás consiguiendo llegar a unos números mínimamente decentes.

    En Nelio nos pasaba esto y por ello mejoramos toda nuestra estrategia de contenidos utilizando herramientas que nos han ayudado a superar todas nuestras expectativas con nuestro blog. En esta ponencia explicaremos cómo gestionamos nosotros todo el proceso editorial que va desde la generación de ideas hasta la promoción de nuestros contenidos.

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