‘value’ Videos

  • Bridget Willard: You Can’t Charge for Value if You Don’t Understand Your Cost

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2018Speaker: Bridget Willard

    December 14, 2018 — In the WordPress Community, we talk about value — quite a lot. And that’s awesome. We should charge for our value. The problem comes when we don’t understand our cost — both in financial, physical, and branding terms.

    Having spent over ten years in construction accounting, “job costing” is in my vocabulary and the front of my mind. But as a marketer, I also understand that WordPress has a branding problem. In order to elevate our personal brands and the brand of WordPress, it’s important that we go beyond value and take a look at cost.

    In this talk, I’ll discuss job costing, sample time tracking, and just how to reverse engineer your pricing to not only meet your expenses, but live the life you want.

  • Luca Sartoni: Supercharge

    WordCamp US 2016Speaker: Luca Sartoni

    December 12, 2016 — Do you feel you should raise your rates but you don’t know how? Do you deliver value to your clients but they don’t seems to appreciate?
    Let’s explore the world of effective negotiation, project assessment, and value creation.
    This presentation will provide immediate tools to correctly evaluate client’s needs, negotiate better rates, and effectively over deliver outstanding value that cannot be ignored

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  • Laurent Maillard: Stop Selling Websites. Start Selling Value

    WordCamp Nederland 2016Speaker: Laurent Maillard

    November 11, 2016 — During this talk I’ll present the 4 steps that the audience should integrate into all their projects in order to bring tangible value to their clients. I’ll focus on the “what” of those 4 steps. I’ll then explain the “how” to use those 4 steps to market themselves better, to attract better clients and last but not least to switch from one-shot project to retainers.