Matt Mullenweg: Q&A


July 11, 2009

A question and answer session from WordCamp Montreal with Matt Mullenweg. Questions were submitted by WordCamp attendees and also asked during the session, and cover such topics as tags on, the WordPress upgrade system, multilingual support in WordPress, and more.

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WordCamp Montreal 2009 8


Matt Mullenweg 74


Automattician 33
BackPress 1
development 152
internationalization 7
open source 15
Plugins 99
Q&A 16
tags 4
Themes 86
upgrades 1


English 1677

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2 Responses to “Matt Mullenweg: Q&A”

  1. JLeuze

    This Q&A was a nice change of pace from Matt’s usual State of the Word. It is great to get a deeper insight into the economics of Open Source, and some of the longer term goals of WordPress development.

  2. Nick

    Concerning multilingual support, I guess he is talking about qtranslate…

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