Ian Lurie: Internet Therapy: Tough Love for Your Blog


September 26, 2009

Ian Lurie reviews a few WordPress blogs for the audience, providing tips to improve SEO, readability, performance and subscribership.

Video production by Joe Christensen of Blaze Streaming Media.

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WordCamp Seattle 2009 12


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analytics 7
design 73
optimization 22
SEO 52


English 1856

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2 Responses to “Ian Lurie: Internet Therapy: Tough Love for Your Blog”

  1. sandra simpson

    great presentation EVEN the “interesting” stuff was well delivered….made me want to know more

  2. larry

    page looked very interesting at first, then a huge black spot appeared.
    Guess no one writes for dialup accounts anymore, if one is stuck with a slow connection the information that is possibly great is never seen….shame indeed.

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