Alexandre Simard, Élise Desaulniers: Multilingual Content and WordPress

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January 16, 2016

If we had a dollar for each time someone asked us which plugin to use for a multilingual WordPress site, beer would be on us for everyone attending our talk. At this time, there’s no be-all end-all answer to the multilingual question.

In this talk, we will review the best practices involved in creating a multilingual site, then we will walk you through the benefits, drawbacks and pitfalls of current approaches to multilingual content with WordPress. Yes, we’ve (pretty much) tried them all. We hope that by the end of our talk, you’ll feel at ease if multilingual projects come your way.

Learning Outcomes:

– Master the best practices in multilingual sites conception.
– Understand the different approaches and tools used in WordPress.
– Choose the best tools for each project.
– Work better with translators and external resources.

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