Joost de Valk,Marieke van de Rakt: Growing a Multi-Million Dollar Business with a WordPress plugin

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November 17, 2020

What started out as a hobby and a passion grew into a successful business. Joost de Valk built the WordPress SEO plugin mainly as a hobby. In his work as an SEO consultant, he saw what big companies did in order to improve their SEO. Joost was able to translate much of that in a WordPress-plugin. For years, Joost did not make any money with the plugin. And then the tide changed! Joost founded Yoast. The company grew into one of the biggest companies in the WordPress community. The journey towards such growth was like riding a rollercoaster. In this talk, Joost and Markeke will share the view from the rollercoaster. What were the highs and lows in growing the company? How did they grow their audience? How did they set up branding and marketing? Could they grow the same company outside of the WordPress ecosystem? And why is WordPress so immensely important to the company?

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