‘Google Analytics’ Videos

  • Matt Christensen: Analytics Beyond Page Views

    Matt Christensen: Analytics Beyond Page Views

    WordCamp Peoria 2018Speaker: Matt Christensen

    September 30, 2018 — We now live in a data driven world. It is important to know what your site traffic is trying to tell you. Gone are the days of hit counters. To get the most out of your advertising dollars, you need to ‘track all the things’.

    In this talk, I will walk through multiple platforms (Google and Adobe) to demonstrate what can be told about the traffic going in and out of your website. Goal setting, campaign tracking, and what various metrics represent will be explained with practical examples.

    In addition to reporting and tracking, how to implement an analytics platform in WordPress will be discussed. Adobe DTM and Google tag managers will be explained.

  • Chris Edwards: Conversion Rate Optimization 101

    Chris Edwards: Conversion Rate Optimization 101

    WordCamp Atlanta 2018Speaker: Chris Edwards

    August 11, 2018 — Learn how to go beyond just dropping Google Analytics code onto your website. This talk will dive into the depths of Google Analytics, and show you how to really use Google Analytics to its fullest. I will show you how to set up Goals, eCommerce, segmentation reports, custom dashboards, advanced filters, referral spam filters and segments, virtual page views, and much more. You will also learn about the difference between Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Kiss Metrics and when you should use these other tools.

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  • Paula Glynn & Melinda Samson: Google Analytics Your Secret Weapon Conversion Focused Websites

    Paula Glynn & Melinda Samson: Google Analytics Your Secret Weapon Conversion Focused Websites

    WordCamp Brisbane 2017Speaker: Paula Glynn & Melinda Samson

    August 9, 2018 — Google Analytics: Your Secret Weapon For Conversion Focused Websites
    In this talk, Paula and Mel will demonstrate the power of Google Analytics to win clients, and help you add value to your website projects.


  • Chris Edwards: Tracking Your Website with Google Analytics

    Chris Edwards: Tracking Your Website with Google Analytics

    WordCamp Jacksonville 2018Speaker: Chris Edwards

    July 31, 2018 — In this talk, we will dive into what you need to know to start tracking your website with Google Analytics. We will cover the basic installation on a WordPress website and then dive into the features of Google Analytics. In this talk, we will cover audience reports, acquisition reports, behavior reports, filters & segments, event tracking, setting up goals, UTMs and save some time for your questions.

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  • Pam Aungst : Intermediate Google Analytics

    Pam Aungst : Intermediate Google Analytics

    WordCamp Orange County 2018Speaker: Pam Aungst

    June 15, 2018 — Take your Google Analytics knowledge to the next level in this intermediate session that covers beyond-basic tactics including Event & conversion tracking, custom reports, custom segments, custom dashboards, secondary dimensions, filters, referral spam, self-referral issues, and cross-domain tracking.


  • Mark Carrara: Google Analytics

    Mark Carrara: Google Analytics

    WordCamp Albuquerque 2018Speaker: Mark Carrara

    February 3, 2018 — You can’t fix what you don’t measure. How well is your WordPress site doing? How do you know? Google offers free analytics for all website owners. WordPress has several methods to set this up on our site. We will look at what you need to do to start collecting data, how to interpret what you collect and next steps for your business.

  • David Bird: 7 Google Analytics Mistakes

    David Bird: 7 Google Analytics Mistakes

    WordCamp Toronto 2017Speaker: David Bird

    October 25, 2017 — Your website has a powerful story about your business. This seminar will tell you how to get that story from your Google Analytics by avoiding seven common mistakes probably holding you back.

    We’ll start with installing Google Analytics and why WordPress plugins simply your life. Then we’ll move into common errors and how to stop making them.

    After the seminar you will be able to hear your website’s compelling story about your business and customers. You will be making strategic decisions about things that matter your business.

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  • Daphnée Laforest: Boost Your website Analytics With Event Tracking

    Daphnée Laforest: Boost Your website Analytics With Event Tracking

    WordCamp Montreal 2017Speaker: Daphnée Laforest

    October 1, 2017 — Better data enables better decision making, and it begins with how you track it – to provide more context to what’s already out there. Event tracking is a feature of Google Analytics that allows site owners to trace actions on their site, even when a URL change is not recorded. Instead of only tracking page views, Event Tracking is a method available in the ga.js tracking code that you can use to record user interaction with website elements, such as a button click on your website. This is accomplished by attaching the method call to the particular UI element you want to track. During this session, you will learn how you can boost your WordPress website analytic using Event Tracking.

  • Boomer Sassmann: Website Tracking, Google Analytics, SEM Rush and Crazy Egg Heat Maps

    Boomer Sassmann: Website Tracking, Google Analytics, SEM Rush and Crazy Egg Heat Maps

    WordCamp Asheville 2017Speaker: Boomer Sassmann

    June 19, 2017 — Website tracking is an essential part of building a successful internet presence. The tracking tools are often overly complex/confusing and therefore overlooked and ignored. This talk will highlight the basics (and some advanced) topics for tracking a WordPress website and/or WordPress blog. The tools covered will include Google Analytics and Webmaster tools, SEM Rush, and Crazy Egg Heat Maps.


    A basic comfort level of navigating Google Analytics
    Ongoing keyword position tracking with SEM Rush
    Heat Map Tracking and how to make educated decisions about design changes.

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  • Michael Black: Actionable Demographic Data Using Google Analytics

    Michael Black: Actionable Demographic Data Using Google Analytics

    WordCamp Kansas City 2017Speaker: Michael Black

    May 7, 2017 — Google Analytics provides a wealth of demographic information about your site’s users if you know how to find it. This session will discuss enabling the collection of demographic information, creating analytics dashboards for easy access to demographic information, and content curation to reach specific audiences.

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